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What Are the Benefits of Using a Family Size Reusable Water Bottle?

If your family now uses reusable water bottles when you're out and about, then you can give yourselves a pat on the back for helping the environment. You'll also be saving yourself some cash by not having to buy bottles of water. While reusable bottles are a great idea, they're also sometimes a pain in the neck. For example, you may be tired of juggling multiple bottl

How to Keep Energy High on Your Wedding Day With Snack Foods

Nowadays, weddings truly are a day-long affair. In fact, from getting ready to getting married and getting down on the dance floor, many weddings can last up to 24 hours. If your wedding schedule takes place over half a day or more, catering for one lunch or dinner won't be enough to keep everyone's mood and energy high throughout—and the last thing you want on your s

5 Things to Do Before Booking a Caterer for Your Event

Hiring a caterer is key to your event's success because serving the right amount of delicious food to keep everyone happy is a guaranteed way to make sure people remember it for the right reasons. Its importance means it's one of the first things you'll want to do, but it shouldn't be the first thing. The reason you should hold off a bit is that there are various fact

4 Reasons to Order a Sourdough Pizza for Your Next Meal

When people talk about different types of pizza crust, they're usually discussing the relative benefits of deep pan over thin and crispy. However, it's also well worth thinking about the type of dough used to make your pizza crust. Next time you're visiting a pizza restaurant, you might want to switch things up. Here are just four reasons why you should think abo