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What Are the Benefits of Using a Family Size Reusable Water Bottle?

If your family now uses reusable water bottles when you're out and about, then you can give yourselves a pat on the back for helping the environment. You'll also be saving yourself some cash by not having to buy bottles of water.

While reusable bottles are a great idea, they're also sometimes a pain in the neck. For example, you may be tired of juggling multiple bottles around when you take your family on a trip. If this is a problem, you can invest in a family sized bottle instead. What are the benefits?

One Bottle for Everyone

If you buy 1.5 litre water bottles, then all the family can use one bottle when they need a drink of water. You don't have to run around before you leave the house hunting down individual water bottles.

If you all take your own bottle, then the chances are some of them will need a wash before you go out. At least one of your kids will have lost their bottle or left it at school. Plus, you may have a sprog fight on your hands if one kid wants a bottle that someone else just have to have. Taking one bigger bottle simply makes things easier.

Less Carrying Strain

While you may try to insist that your kids all carry their own water bottles, you'll usually find that they all end up in your bag pretty soon. Carrying a lot of individual bottles can be a strain. They can get heavy, especially if they're made of metal.

While a large water bottle is heavier than a smaller one, it's lighter than a lot of smaller ones put together. If you take a one bottle approach, your bag won't get full of bottles and it will be easier to carry.

Less Chance of Loss

If you're in charge of the family water bottle, you're less likely to lose it. Your kids may be lovely, but they probably regularly forget to pick up their bottles when they've used them. You may be tired of buying replacements. A big bottle may save you some of this money.

While you may worry that a larger bottle will be too big, this isn't always the case. Take a look at larger reusable bottles in stores. You'll be surprised at how compact they can be. This may convince you that a larger water bottle is a good investment.