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4 Reasons to Order a Sourdough Pizza for Your Next Meal

When people talk about different types of pizza crust, they're usually discussing the relative benefits of deep pan over thin and crispy. However, it's also well worth thinking about the type of dough used to make your pizza crust. Next time you're visiting a pizza restaurant, you might want to switch things up.

Here are just four reasons why you should think about ordering pizza with a sourdough base.  

1. Sourdough Helps You Digest

Sourdough is made using naturally occurring yeast and bacteria, and that actually gives it several health benefits. Most importantly, that yeast and bacteria make it easier to digest all the healthy ingredients you add to your pizza. And if you eat your pizza with any complex carbohydrates, such as beans or vegetables, sourdough will see that they are broken down faster. This rapid digestion means you'll get more goodness from your food and feel lighter after you eat.

2. Sourdough Works Around Gluten Intolerance

If you or one of your party suffers from gluten intolerance, traditional pizza isn't usually an option since people with that intolerance will be unable to fully break it down. Once again, sourdough comes to the rescue. That same natural yeast that helps break down your food also neutralizes phytic acid and prevents starches from forming. This allows even people with gluten intolerance to enjoy their pizza.

3. Sourdough Has a Distinct Taste

Of course, the benefits of sourdough pizza bases aren't just associated with your health. Sourdough also has its own unique taste that will give your meal a kick, but it's not so different or strong enough to interfere with the taste of your cheese, tomato sauce and other toppings. It's a slightly tangy, sour taste that really brings those flavours out. Why not enjoy pizza in a new way?

4. Sourdough Has a Lovely Aroma

It's the taste of sourdough pizza that you'll remember and enjoy most, but your enjoyment won't be down to taste alone. When compared to traditional crusts made from refined white flour or whole wheat, sourdough has a strong aroma that makes it the perfect compliment to your toppings and turns your meal into a deeper sensory experience.

Sourdough pizza might not be something you've tried before, but picking one during your next meal out is going to mean enjoying richer flavours and feeling healthier after your meal is over. Why not give it a shot?