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3 Healthy Reasons To Add Crushed Chilli To Your Recipes

Eating the same flavours day after day gets a little boring, and with summer coming up many Australians are turning their focus away from winter comfort food and considering healthier options to help shed a few kilos. As someone who is interested in having a great bikini body this year, you want to add flavour to your food without upping the calorie count. Adding crushed chilli to your recipes not only adds flavour, but there are beneficial health reasons to consider turning up the heat. Here are three reasons why you should add crushed chilli to your cart the next time you're at the supermarket.

1. Nutrition Value

When preparing for a bikini body, every calorie and fat gram counts. The good news is that crushed red chilli pepper flakes contain very little of one and none of the other. According to the food database Myfitnesspal, one teaspoon of crushed red chilli pepper flakes contains six calories and no fat. Since you only need a small amount of crushed chilli to add flavour, a little goes a long way. Therefore, you can easily add the flavour without incurring a tonne of calories.

2. Body Burn

One way to speed up your fat loss efforts is to speed up your metabolism. Chillis contain a compound called Capsaicin, and this compound is the part of the chilli which gives it some heat. A study done by the University of Washington School of Pharmacy reported that the capsaicin encourages fat burning in the body. Metabolism is another name for fat burning within the body. Therefore, based on this study there is no harm in sprinkling chilli over your meals.

3. Happier Mood

As well as encouraging fat burning, capsaicin also makes you a happier person. When you eat chilli peppers, the body reacts to the capsaicin by releasing endorphins. Endorphins are the chemicals which elevate your mood to a happy state. Following on that logic, not only will adding crushed chilli to your food help with fat burn, but it will also keep you smiling while you eat it.

If you have not eaten a lot of crushed chilli in the past, it pays to start out with small quantities and slowly work your way up. Additionally, speak to a crushed chilli expert about the different levels of heat you'll experience eating this spice. Some chillis are spicier than others, so as a chilli beginner, it is best to choose a blend which is more mild than spicy.

For more information on where to buy crushed chilli, contact your local food suppliers.