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Tips to Designing a Custom Wedding Cake for Your Big Day

Over the years, cake design has steadily become an intricate craft. In this age of social media, everybody wants a post-worthy cake that will wow their guests and online friends alike. Thus, more and more people are electing to have custom cakes on special occasions, more so during their big day. Nonetheless, wedding cake design is not about going through your baker's portfolio and picking what you like. The more information you can furnish them about your needs, the higher the likelihood you will be satisfied with your cake. Here are some pointers you can use to come up with a custom wedding cake for your big day.

Pick a flavour

The first step to designing the cake of your dreams is to determine what your choice flavour will be. While fruitcakes, mud cakes and vanilla sponges have been the traditional option, there is now a wide variety of custom flavours that you can consider to portray your personalities. Perhaps the two of you shared some red velvet on your first date and would like to have this on your wedding cake. Alternatively, if you are having a beach wedding, you may want to consider tropical flavours such as a passion fruit cake. You even have the chance to work with your custom baker who can come up with unique and innovative flavour profiles for example salted caramel cake, popcorn flavoured cake and more!

Establish a theme

Once you have your flavour of choice, you then have to come up with a theme for your cake. Typically, the cake theme should match your wedding theme so that the entire event ties in together. Therefore, you should brainstorm with your baker to ensure that your cake design will match the venue, colour scheme and so on. For instance, a naked cake will be highly suited to a rustic, barnyard wedding but will look out of place at a formal, black-tie ceremony that would be better suited with an embellishment-free classic cake.

Determine your portions

While a good number of people focus on the number of guests and then order for multiple kilograms of cake, you should put into consideration how you will be serving the cake to establish the quantities you need. For example, if your cake helpings will be served as dessert slices, then you will need a healthy amount of cake to satisfy all your guests. On the other hand, if you opt to serve your guests coffee portions that will be accompanied by different types of desserts and beverages, then you can have a small and affordable cake for your big day!